At Westminster we seek to show the love of Christ to ALL who attend. We do not have 101 ministries to all the sub groups you could name, rather we endeavour to meet each person in their life situation, speaking and living, "the truth in love."
We aim to be a transgenerational, cross cultural family.   

Welcoming Students

God has richly blessed Westminster with a vibrant student presence. Students are warmly welcome at Westminster...

Seasoned Saints

Westminster Church is blessed with many members in their retirement. Some of these are new to the faith, others don't remember a day when they did not, in some way, think of Jesus Christ as Lord. 

Facilities & Opportunities for Children 

Westminster is a covenantal church that prizes children as a vital part of Christ's community.  Wednesday meetings and a Sunday school from age 3 - 18  add to the nurture provided for the youngest in our family. Sunday preaching is aimed as much at the children as the more seasoned saints.
For parents with very young children we have both a nursery and a child training room. The nursery is intended for nursing moms. The child training room, also known as the cry room, is for parents who are trying to train their children for corporate worship. 

The picture above is of one of our Family Night Meetings, where catechisms and Bible verses are learnt.